15 minutes a day to change

15 minutes a day to change

We all have goals in life. Maybe for you, it's to work on your fitness, get your house in order, be a more intentional parent, grow your faith or perhaps it's something as simple as you want to read two books this year.

Whatever your goal is you need to have a starting point.

Most the time when we set goals what happens?

We get super inspired and excited. We may create a whole Pinterest board about it, we have a start date, and we already have it written down in our calendar and then.......Life happens and smacks you back into reality.

Now that you've fallen off the wagon and missed a few days of working toward your goal, you start to get overwhelmed and maybe even feel like a failure.

Sounding familiar?! Yeah, I feel you... I've been there too.

But let me be clear you are by no means a failure or anything close to it. Sometimes life just happens!

No matter if you just started working toward your goal or maybe you have already fallen off of the wagon, and you want to get back on track here's my tip for you...

Take 15 minutes a day to work towards your goal.

That's it.... 15 minutes. I know yall can spare 15 minutes because at least half of yall are binging the latest Netflix craze right now.

15 minutes a day to do something for yourself to get you closer to your goal, it's that easy!

You have to start somewhere, so start small and then build up. Start with 15 minutes a day... if you need to stay there that's fine... if you can add to that even better!

Great progress is made with little steps forward over time.

More than likely it's going to take you a while to reach your goal so start with those small steps first.....

Acknowledge where you are at now.

Set your sight on what you want to accomplish.

Set up a simple plan & work on the plan for at least 15 minutes a day.

Trust me on this working even just 15 minutes a day will allow you to go to bed at night feeling proud because you made progress.

It may not seem like much but it is still progress, and that is better than standing still and going nowhere.

Whatever your goal is I would love to know about it and cheer you on. Feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Just remember to start small and build from there. You'll see the progress over time but for now, start with those 15 minutes.