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5 things you may not know about me


5 things you may not know about me

Christy Haygood

1)  I am a Youtuber

Almost 2 years ago I jumped on the Youtube train.  My interest started when I began watching family vlogs during my little one's naptime.  I needed a way to just zone out and have some chill time... that just happen to come in the form watching youtube videos.   I was intrigued with the idea of vlogging (especially since I'm such a people watcher).... so I thought I would give it a try.  Plus it was a great way family up to date on what we were up to.

We made it through a whole of daily vlogging! It was fun but it takes a lot of work to get a video up everyday.  I still continue to put vlogs up on youtube, but i have recently decided to switch things up a bit and include other more creative videos.

2) I love being outdoors

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 1.00.21 PM.png

Being outdoors has always been a huge part of my life.  Growing up my sister and I played outside a lot and most of our vacations and involved camping, hiking and being outdoors.

To me being outdoors is almost therapeutic.  It's very calming and to me kind ofinspirational.  It's also a great way to just unplug for a little while, which is rare in today's world.

3) I use to be terrified of moving

Growing up I use to be terrified of moving.  I spent my whole childhood up until my wedding day living in the same house that I was brought home to as a baby.  Ironically, I married a man whose job involves moving more than the average person. 

It for sure put me to the test, but i have learned to embrace the excitement of moving and getting to see new fact sometimes now, I get a little antsy if we've been in one place for awhile.

4) I'm obsessed with notebooks and planners

I love planners and notebooks so much that one of the only things on my Christmas wishlist was a new planner (lame I know).  To me there is something exciting about planners and notebooks. It's probably because I love being organized but I'm also a big dreamer, so having something to write down all my big ideas in comes in handy.

5) I never wanted to work for myself

I never really wanted to work for myself....honestly the idea of it never even crossed my mind until later in life.  It's not that I had anything against it, it just didn't even dawn on me that I could do it.

After getting married, I was blessed enough to be able to stay at home.... which was a huge blessing since it allowed me to see my husband when he was actually home. Over time I became more and more interested in photography....first as a hobby.  After we had our first little one I was really wanting to do something for myself and that's when I started to look into being a WAHM and really pursue my passion.  Now I can't imagine not working for myself..... creating what I want to create, making my own schedule and always leaving room for more dreams to become a reality.