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Live your passion


Live your passion

Christy Haygood

Hi there! My name is Christy!


Believe it or not, this is not my first Blog post.  I once was the owner of Fresh Mix Momma Blog!   Although I loved my lifestyle blog, it came to a point where I wasn't enjoying it.  I wasn't happy with it, because when it came down to it....It wasn't my passion.   Which brings me to where we are now!......

This is my brand new photography website!!!  I am so excited to finally be taking steps towards living my passion.  They say "If you do what you love, then you will never work a day in your life."....well, that is exactly what I am doing! 

                                                                                      *Photo by: Myrna Loy Photography*

                                                                                      *Photo by: Myrna Loy Photography*

I have always had a huge passion for photography.  I love being able to capture a moment and have those memories to look back on.  My focus, for now, is Landscape photography....although, I love photography people in their element.

Being able to have the opportunity to live my passion and hopefully inspire and encourage others along the way, means so much to me.

While this is my photography website and I will be posting many pictures on here....I am also going to be incorporating blogging as well.  I will be posting about photography, tips/tricks, travel posts & advice and also encouraging/motivational posts.

I hope that my site/blog will somehow encourage or inspire you to do what you love!