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Rough side of parenting

Christy Haygood

Let’s talk about the down side of parenting. 

I know that might sound super mean, but I also know that there are some parents reading this nodding in agreement.  Don’t get me wrong….kids are great!….but sometime parenting just stinks! Case in point….potty training (which thankfully ours did great with) and then dreaded transition to a big kid bed (our personal struggle right now).

We decided that it was time for our not so little one to move into her big girl bed this weekend.  Although, she didn’t climb out of her crib, yet, we were noticing that she was starting to become more adventurous with her climbing skills and it was getting a little too difficult to bend over those crib railings to lay her down and change her sheets (who needs clean sheets anyway?!)

So Friday was the day, or night I should say.  We figured Friday night would be a good time for the big switch since both my husband and I would be home to tag team it, if it ended up being a long night.  

To our surprise, it only took 1 hour of her getting up and calling for us before she gave up, climbed into her big girl bed and fell asleep!


The first night…..very good in our opinion (1 hour of struggle then she slept through the night)

The Next day…… Smooth sailing for both nap time and bedtime

Then came the third day…….

no one ever warns you about the third day.

As I type this out….my husband and I are currently going on 3 hours of laying her back in her bed for a nap.  

You read correctly……3 hours!!

We know kids can be stubborn but goodness gracious!

We have gone from the “oh this is a fun game” to the “I’m not giving in and going to sleep, but I am slowing down” finally to the “oh shoot…they mean business…so I’m going to yell and cry” stage…………………..

At last, with a lot of frustration, going back and forth…..our stubborn one is taking a nap in her bed.  …..which we are going to have to cut short to eat dinner and so she will actually sleep tonight.

To all those parents who are going through the same thing….stay strong! We can do this! 

……although, Monday might be a rough one.