The thief of joy

The thief of joy.......comparison! 

I struggle so badly with comparing myself to others. In fact it's something that I struggle with almost daily!

It's so easy to look at others and think, man......if only i was as good as them! If only it was as easy for me!

The truth is..... there is always going to be someone "better". "Better" at their job, more fit, has more name it, there is always going to be someone out there with things you wish you had. 

But........ the great thing is, there is only one you!  You are the perfect you, and no one can be you better than yourself!  Yes, you may not have as much money, time etc.  But you are you! You have your own qualities and characteristics that are purely yours!....and no one can do that better. 

Don't let your joy be yourself only to yourself! Be the best you, that you can be.