Finding myself // Personal

These past few years have been pretty interesting and to be honest sometimes down right frustrating for me.

As a military wife I have always felt like my passions and what I want to do gets pushed off to the side because my husband has a very important job, and one of my main jobs is to support him.  It's not a bad thing and I love being that support for my husband, however it becomes very easy to lose yourself and forget that you also have a lot to offer (outside of military life).

Soon after we had our first little one I started looking into things that I could start doing that was just for me. I had already felt like I had pushed my passions off to the side for years and I didn't want it to continue doing that.  Especially since you always hear about how moms lose themselves after having kids...I did not want that to happen to me even more.  So I started a mommy/lifestyle blog, I joined 2 different home sales companies and a quickly realized that even though the blog was fun and I loved all the just wasn't me!  Sure it gave me something to do but it wasn't a passion of mine...and why was I spending so much time on something that was not one of my passions?!

I made the decision to stop my mommy blog and to no longer sell any products and I got back to my roots, to my talents and passions which is art. The art of photography, telling stories with pictures, traveling, learning, sharing my experiences and hopefully inspiring others along the way.  I even got into making videos, mainly family vlogs on Youtube..... Even with that I have slowly started to incorporate my creative side into the videos.  

Finding myself has been a long process and I'm sure, in a way, it will continue to be an ongoing process, but I'm happy knowing that I am finally living and working on my passions.  I have never been so busy, yet I have never been so happy to work so hard on projects that I truly care about.