There's normally two types of people.......people who say Disney World is the best and people were are convinced that Disneyland is the best.

While I would have to say that I still favor Disney World, I will say that Disneyland is starting to hold a special place in my heart.

Even though I still prefer Disney World, Disneyland is the only Disney park we have been able to take our little one to, so of course it's going to hold some special memories for me.

This past week we had some friends visiting from Portland.  We were able to surprise both our little ones with a surprise trip to Disneyland! Although, mine had a couple of "3 year old moments" we still all had a blast enjoying each others company and of course just enjoying being at Disney.

There is just something so special about seeing your child's face light up at all the magic that surrounds them.

See our surprise trip here:

Surprise! We're going to........