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When I need Inspiration // Inspiration + Creativity


When I need Inspiration // Inspiration + Creativity

Christy Haygood

I am constantly looking for inspiration.  It doesn't even matter what it's for....I'm always looking for inspiration for, business stuff, home, parenting name it.

When I need Inspiration there are a few things that I like to do..........


1) Pinterest

I feel like this is a given for most people.  Pinterest is like the go to for inspiration. If you are a visual person, Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration for pretty much anything.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 4.14.32 PM.png

2) Music

Music is a great way for me to zone out and get inspiration.  Many times when I am sitting down to edit photos I put in some headphones and just listen to some music. It's also super soothing, which is always a plus for a busy momma!

Photo Jun 10, 11 00 10 AM.jpg

3) Podcasts

Listening to podcasts are kind of a new thing for me.  I started listening to a few different podcasts a few months just to pass the time while I was washing dishes or something.  Lately I have found more and more podcasts that interest me and are super inspiring!

4) Get outside

I think one of the most effective ways for me to get inspired is just to get outside.  Ideally I love to get out into nature, go hiking or explore new places.....but sometimes even just getting outside for some fresh air helps.  It's just a great way to reset.

There are many ways to get inspired, but these are just a few things that work great for me.  Where do you get your inspiration from?