Advice for starting a photography business

Starting a photography business may sound fairly easy, but there's way more that goes into it besides having a camera, taking pictures and charging people.

It can honestly be overwhelming when you really start looking into it and taking it seriously.  It's for sure a learning process, and is different for everyone depending on where you live and what you want to do.

Here's my advice for starting a photography business:

Do your research

This can take a lot of time and sometimes seem pointless, but take the time to do some research about having a photography business in your area.  Depending on where you live and where you want to shoot depends on what kind of permits you will need.

Get Legal!

Many times people will say they are a photographer and have a business, yet they are not an actual legal business.  Yes, it does take money to start a business, but it's best to get legal from the get go. 

Pick a name for your business and get it registered... You can use your name or use another name to do business as (DBA/Doing Business As).

Get your State Business License, Sales Tax Permit and look into any shooting permits you might need.  ...... especially when you offer sessions at different locations, look into any permits you might need for shooting in that location.

There's great information that you can find on the SBA website or you can google starting a business in your area.

Get social

In today's age we actually have an advantage of using social media to our benefit.  Social Media is a great way to grow and connect with your "audience" or Ideal clients.  There's tons of platforms that you can get on like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (one of the favorites for most photographers) and more!.....honestly there is so much I could say about social media and ways it can help your business, but I'll save that for another day.

One thing that you should try and do is to try and keep your username the same across all social media....this way it is easier for people to find you and recognize you.

Get organized

You have a business and if you want to be successful with it, you must get organized.  Keep all your important documents for your business together in a safe place.  Keep track of everything that you need for taxes.  Get a planner, a notebook, a filing cabinet, book keeping software....whatever you need that will help you stay organized.

Just go for it

After you have done your research and have taken care of the legal stuff, the fun starts to happen.  Get out there are have fun with your business! Of course there is still way more that goes into it than just having fun, but now is your time to start offering shoots,  do sessions and see your business grow.  It will take awhile and it isn't always easy.  It's a learning process for sure, but if you want your business to grow you just need to go for it!