Giving myself a break // Personal + Business

Maybe it's because I really have been putting a lot on my plate, trying to get all of my ideas come to life...... or maybe it's just because I'm a WAHM with a toddler and 35 weeks pregnant.  Which ever one it is, I have come to the conclusion that I need to start giving myself a break.


I'm not talking about taking time off to recoup... although I think that everyone needs that here and there.  I'm talking about cutting myself some slack.

I've started noticing lately that when I write down my to do list it normally keeps growing and growing, making it impossible for me to get everything done in one day. 

So I have started giving myself a break...

My daily to do list is smaller.

Whatever cannot be done that day goes to the next day or later.

I can't always get laundry or dishes done.... that's okay.... it's not going anywhere.

The crock pot is my new best dinner buddy.

I set high goals for myself, but realistically I just can't do everything that I would like to do, when I want to do it.  Yes I have a business that I'm trying to grow, but I need to take care of my babies and myself first. 

Hustling to get your work done is great, but if you don't have that balance of giving yourself a break, then you are missing the life that is going on around you.