What we can learn from children

With all the news these past few days, it's got me thinking a lot about our country and the people in it. 

Where have we gone wrong?! What is wrong with people these days?!? I don't understand how things have gotten so bad.

With everything going on, it honestly makes me fearful for my children.  What kind of world are they going to grow up in? ..... and then I look at my sweet little girl's face and I see how much she loves and cares for others and it gives me hope for the future... hope that if something doesn't change soon, hopefully the children of this world will grow to make it a better place. 

There are so many things that we can learn from children!

If you have ever been around children, especially children that have been raised with love, respect and compassion, you will quickly notice that children love to help others and make others happy. 

For instance..... here lately I haven't been able to move quite as well (I guess that's to be expected with less than a week out from delivery), sometimes I need to sit down and ice my feet or just take it easy and my little girl is always right there to offer help.  She likes to help me place ice on my feet or give me a pillow if I ask for one.  She is always happy to help mommy out and loves seeing people happy ...... she is 3.

It just makes me wonder.... why aren't more adults more willing to help out others? When did people stop caring for other people's feelings?

Were people not taught love, compassion and respect?  Are you teaching your young ones how to love and care for others? Are you teaching them about compassion? Are you teaching them how to show respect?

Better yet.......... do you practice these yourself? Do you strive to show love, respect and compassion towards towards others around you?

Have you ever noticed that children don't see the color of other people's skin? They don't use all these labels that today's society have placed on people.  They see people for who they are..... People! In fact about the only "labels" children put on people is: Good & Bad .... and that is purely based off of the actions they see.  Actions.....not the color of their skin, not what they wear, not anything other than actions.

We are all people! And we should all show each other Love, Respect and Compassion!

And here's the thing.... If you show others Love, Respect and Compassion odds are they will show you the same in return (just like children!),