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Exciting plans // Business


Exciting plans // Business

Christy Haygood

Things have been very busy in this house lately.

Of course I've been busy taking care of everyday life, but I've also been busy planning!

I am a big dreamer and I have lots of plans that I want to see become a reality.

Sometimes I feel like I work so much, but get nothing accomplished.  On the days when I feel like I will never accomplish my dreams I just remind myself of something that I heard Nick Miller say once "Play the long game."

When you are a small business owner and trying to make your dreams become a reality its important to remember that those dreams won't become a reality overnight. ......In fact, it will most likely take a long time and a lot of patience.

Remember to play the long game.  Take little steps each day towards your dreams.

Lately I have been playing the long game.  I have been doing little things almost everyday to work towards doing more for my business and ultimately doing my dream job.

Some of those things will be becoming a reality very soon!