You can do more than you think // Encouragement


One thing that breaks my heart is when people don't see their own strength.

I'm sure it's a common problem for most people and honestly, I sometimes have a hard time with it too.

But.... we are all stronger than we think.  

We can accomplish far more than what we think we are capable of. 

I remember in elementary school, we had a "field day"... at least that's what they called it.  It was pretty much a day when we would all go outside and participate in different activities.  That day I was going to be participating in a race.  I'm honestly not sure how I even got signed up to be in this race, because I was far from a runner..... in fact, that was my least favorite activity in PE class.

Here I was a little girl in a race with the big kids (a few years older than me) of the school.  I had no clue how to run a race well,  I didn't even like running..... but as soon as that whistle went off, you better believe that I ran with all of my might!

I believe that one teacher described it as "She ran like there was a bear chasing her!"

I had no clue what I was doing.... I just knew I needed to run, and I would run the best that I could.

Well.... turns out my best earned me a blue ribbon! 

First place!...... not bad for someone who didn't like to run.

I had no clue I had it in me.  I didn't even think for second that I could out run the older kids in the race. 

I just went for it! 

We're often faced with new challenges in life... many of which we get so overwhelmed with that we doubt ourselves out of even trying. 

If we just keep our eyes on what ahead of us and run with it.... we can do far more than what we think we are capable of. 

Stop doubting yourself.  You can do more than you think.