Hard times brings great strength // Encouragement

great outdoors month.png

"Sometimes the hardest roads lead to the the most beautiful views."

Now, y'all know that I love being outside and love to hike.

Here's the thing about hiking..most the time, the hardest roads (or trails) lead to the most amazing views!! 

Yes it's hard when you're walking through it, but once you reach the end not only is there an amazing view, but you have a new sense of accomplishment.

Let's be honest..... going through hard times stink! 

....but once you make it through those rough times something beautiful happens...... you are stronger!

Guys... we can do hard things! 

When we are in the thick of hard times, it may seem like we aren't going anywhere... that we are stuck and it won't get better. 

But If we continue to keep going, we will make it through and we will become stronger for it.

If you are currently going through a rough time, just know that you are going to make it through.  Put one foot in front of the other and keep going. 

Trust, Pray, Have faith.

Things will get better, and you will be stronger for it.