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End of My Blog // Changes


End of My Blog // Changes

Christy Haygood

I feel like I should be sad or feel like I'm failing at something, but truth is I couldn't be more excited!

Yes..... I am ending my blog.  This will be my last blog post (at least for now, but possibly for good).  

I should probably explain myself...........

I have been on a journey since last Fall to really focus on me, my business and the direction I want to go in.

The more that I have been focusing on my business and what I truly want to do and how I want my life to look like, the more I realized that I have to let some things go.  

I can't be everything to everyone and do everything that I have an interest in.  It doesn't make me a makes me SMART! I'm being more intentional than ever and it feels amazing!!!! 

So.... when evaluating all the things that I have been doing, seeing what is working, what's not and what has to go on hold I realized that my blog (as much as I love it) must go! 

However.... this is not the end of me writing.  Instead of posting a blog on my website I will solely be writing for those signed up for my newsletter, or as I like to call it... weekly journal.  This weekly Journal will include updates with me and my business.  I'm sure as my business is evolving my journal will evolve as well, but I'm oh so excited to see where it goes. 

If you aren't already signed up for the free weekly journal and would like to stay up to date, hear stories, receive encouragement, get notified for sales and see what all is coming in the future feel free to sign up in the box below. 

I have many ideas coming and would love for you to be apart of this journey!