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Prints for a Purpose


Prints for a Purpose

Christy Haygood

Hey friend! 

It has been awhile since I have posted a blog.... honestly I'm feeling a little rusty, but I wanted to start writing again so here I am.  

I feel like the past few years I have really been trying to find my purpose... trying to find what I can contribute to this world. For some people it's super easy and for others (totally talking about myself here) it's not so easy to figure out.  I've tried a few different things, all a little different, but all had a few themes going on.... I want to help people and I want to do good.

Honestly trying to figure it all out (if that's even possible) was getting overwhelming....I felt pulled in different directions and nothing was really making any sense to me.  While I still don't have it all figured out....which I'm okay with for now.......  

I decided to simplify!  What I been wanting to do all along is Do Good and Help Others, so that's what I'll do.

I'll help others in ways that I can help and I will do the best that I can. 

This is all what led me to start doing Prints for a Purpose.  I have always loved doing landscape photography, but I wanted to help others..... so I decided that I would start donating 30% of profit made to different charities (Right now: Helping Levi find his home).   

Finally I was combining things that I love and am passionate about..... capturing the beauty of this world through photography and helping other by giving back.  

Helping others doesn't always have to happen through big actions.  Little acts of kindness can make a great impact.

Do Good. Be the Good.