Becoming stronger // Encouragement

We all go through hardships in our life.  Some handle it with effortless grace while others seem to curl up and hide. 

There isn't any right way to deal with stressful times, but in order to grow.... we must deal with them. 

Being a military wife, I have been faced with many challenges throughout mine and my husband marriage…. many of which I've had to face alone. 

There were many times where I felt so bad about whatever was going on at the time, that it would have been so easy for me to throw a pity party for myself and avoid dealing the situation…. but I knew that would accomplished nothing.

So instead of feeling bad for myself I decided to deal with the situations. I faced them the best that I could and you know what?….I became stronger because of it. 

Life is Hard.....

We all have faced many hardships and while there is no secret answer on how to deal with them, we just have to face them the best that we can.

We are all truly stronger than we give ourselves credit for.  We can handle more than we think we are capable of….but first we must make the decision to face it head on and deal with it.  

So my friend, I encourage you.... if you are going through a hard time right now, face it the best that you can.  You don't have to face it alone, in fact having others there for you during those times is priceless. Just know now that you can overcome this and afterwards you will be stronger!