How I find time to do everything

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A simple rule is to never ask a stay at home mom at the end of the day “what did you do all day?” 

No!…. just don’t!  (i’m doing you a favor here, just trust me)

As a stay at home and work from home mom I get asked a good bit “how do you find time to do everything?"

It’s simple……. I don’t. 

It's impossible to do everything on your own.  Some things have to be let go and I’m okay with that.  (and by some things having to be let go I mean laundry…. but mainly folding…. and forget ironing.) 

But…. the things that are really important to me and the things that need to get done, both family wise and business, I find time to get it done.  

It’s not the easiest thing to do, it may take longer than most…. but I get the important things done. 


This one is a very tough thing for me, because I am not a morning person…. but, I have been making myself get up a little early so I have at least an hour and a half to get some things done before everyone else is up and ready for the day.  Little things add up and if you can even get just a little done in the morning…. thats a little less you have to do later. 


Keeping in mind what is important is well…. important.  When you work from home you HAVE to prioritize you time and your to-do list.  You can’t possibly do everything all in one day, so make your to do list as short and intentional as possible.  Take the most important task and work on that first.  Once you get that done you can move on and do more. 


I’ll be honest, I’m not too good at this one.  See, we do not live anyway near family and babysitters are limited, so we don’t have a lot of help that we can call on…. but, if you have help available to you, use it!!! …notice how I say use it, don’t take advantage of it.  We can’t do everything on our own, so don’t even waste your energy trying to… enlist help where you need it.


This step…this is so very important. Many times we can feel like we are not moving forward in both our personal and professional life.  Things take a long time, and most of the time we get so impatient and feel like we are not good enough so why are we even trying…. You Must Keep Going!! Great things come with time….. and every great thing is worth the wait.  Be patient, show yourself grace and keep going, because even if you are moving slower than others you are still moving more than the ones standing still. 

So, while no one will ever find time to do everything you can certainly find time to do the important things that matter to you.