How I deal with Self Doubt

Self Doubt.


You know what I mean?…. when you deal with self doubt it’s just Blah!

I seem to go through self doubt in waves.  I’m guessing that’s normal. ….. Is that normal?… we’re just going to go ahead and say it’s pretty normal. 


Self Help Books

I’m a total book nerd and I do love me some self help books.  Not only is it nice and relaxing to sit and read, but those self help books can hit you in the core sometimes and really get you to reevaluate things. 

Inspirational Podcasts

I love reading some books, but being a busy mommy, doesn’t always leave time to sit and read…. this is where those lovely podcasts come into play. Most the time when I am catching up on some housework, I listen to podcasts. Finding a good inspirational podcasts is a great way to kick the self doubt to the curb. 

Chat with a good friend

Oh the power of a good chat with a good friend.  When that self doubt starts to creep in I normally always go to a trusted friend to talk it out.  Not only does it leave you feeling more uplifted, but you get to catch up with a good friend and that is always a plus.

Give yourself Grace

Realize that you are only one person and you are not perfect, no one is. Give yourself some more grace.  Know that you will do the best that you can with whatever you are working on, and give grace when things fall short. 

Self doubt never feels good, but there are plenty of ways to kick those feelings to the curb and get back on track.

What are some of the ways that you deal with self doubt?