How your home is stressing you out // HOME


Have you ever found yourself sitting in your home trying your best to relax only to find yourself continually stressed or anxious?

I know that we all have busy lives and we all have a ton on our plate, but did you ever think that it could actually be your home that is stressing you out?!

…..and no, I’m not talking about the people in your home, if that’s the case for you then there are bigger issues going on…. no, I’m talking about the sheer amount of stuff we have in our homes. 

Interesting fact that I learned recently:  there has been a linked found between depression and anxiety based on the amount of clutter someone has in their home. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I heard this, it made complete sense to me!

Listen, I’m not a clean freak or anything…. but I cannot stand clutter! I feel like I’m a fairly relaxed person but when there is clutter around I am more distracted, I can’t focus and I start to feel anxious.

Just think about this for a minute…… what’s the worst thing that could happen if you decided to downsize your things and just keep the things that you use often, the things that have meaning to you and the things that make your home truly feel cozy?!………

I’ll tell you what would happen… would have Less to Clean, Less to keep up with and Less to think about.  Leaving more space in your brain (and home) for the important things. 

Did I mention less cleaning?!

A couple times a year my family and I go through what I like to called a little purge sessions.  
We take one room at a time and just start going through everything and getting rid of everything we don’t use anymore and things we don’t need.
It constantly amazes me how much we get rid of each time we do this.  And here’s the thing…we don’t go out and buy a bunch of stuff to replace it all, we just figure out each time that we can get rid and more and that it’s okay.

I’m telling you….. it’s amazingly freeing when you downsize! 

So if you are finding it hard to relax in your own home, just take a look around…. it could actually be your home that is stressing you out.