Am I doing enough? // Parenting

Photo Sep 11, 3 40 23 PM.jpg girl turned 5 yesterday. *cue all the crying emojis*

Yesterday, I turned to my husband and finally said out loud "she isn't a toddler anymore, she's a big kid."  There's something about saying it out loud that makes it feel real because of course in our eyes she'll always be our baby.

I feel like as parents we are always second guessing ourselves.

"I'm I doing enough?"

"I'm I teaching them well?"

"I'm I going to raise them to be good people."

There are normally constant questions on what and how we are doing as parents.

Photo Sep 11, 3 24 03 PM.jpg

Yesterday we didn't have a party for our girl..... In fact, she has never had a birthday party. Not that we are against birthday parties, we just don't have any family around us anyway, so we normally just do presents and cake with family on FaceTime.

We keep birthdays pretty simple.  We don't spend a lot of money, but we do try to make the day special with other things.  Like yesterday, we had waffles for breakfast, we went to a park, went to the library, we made the birthday cake together, we surprised her with some balloons (with helium... we upped our game this year) and finally we took her to dinner at one of her favorite spots. 

Little money was spent, but... by the end of the day our girl said "I love my birthday.  It was a beautiful day. I Love my family."

And just like that.... I realized, we're doing something right. 

Even though we didn't spend a lot of money, she loved every single second of her birthday.... so yes, we did enough. 

And even though we didn't do a lot for her birthday, she loved the simple things about the day and kept saying "Thank you mommy, thank you daddy.... I Love my family."..... so yes we are teaching well.

It's so easy to get caught up in thinking if we as parents are doing enough.  But if we are loving them, teaching them the best that we can, and teaching through our examples... there's nothing to worry about.