Be careful what you say // Self Reflection

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You can say you're sorry, but once words are spoken they can never be taken back.

Words are powerful!

Everyone has an opinion.... and with today's age, full of social media everyone has something to say and a platform to say it on. 

The problem is not voicing your opinion (unless it's done disrespectfully.) The problem I see is that many people these days do not take the time to be aware of who is around them and how their words can affect others.

Maybe it's someone complaining about their job, to someone who just lost their's.

Maybe it's someone talking about missing their husband who was working a long shift, to a military spouse whose husband has been deployed for months.

or maybe it's someone talking about needing to upgrade to the latest and greatest gadgets to someone who is just making ends meet.

Whatever it is, it's not that it's wrong to talk about.... it's just that being aware of who is listening can save a lot of hurt feelings.

Now, I realize that most of the time things are said innocently and no harm is meant.  But I think there is something so important about thinking before speaking, or posting.

We all need to vent sometimes and get our emotions out, but I really believe that should be reserved for trusted friends and family.  Why?.... because more than likely you know things they are going through and they know you and your intentions. 

The problem about voicing opinions (or problems) on social media is you never know what others are going through.  You don't know how your words will affect others reading.

Sure you might not mean any harm, but it could possibly make others feel bad, or not good enough.

I have a challenge for everyone reading this....

 Next time you start to post a rant on social media, stop and think.... can this add value to others? will this make other people feel unworthy or will it inspire?  

Spread some positivity..... goodness knows this world needs all the positive vibes we can get. 

And next time you are about to vent to people and you know that they have recently been through some tough times, hold in those thoughts and talk to a trusted friend or family member, you know them better and things that they are dealing with and they know your intentions.

 Be more aware of those around you and how your words might affect them.

Words are powerful and they can never be taken back.