Bring back your Christmas spirit

Bring back your Christmas Spirit

It seems to happen to almost all of us at some point or another..... As we grow older, there comes a time when we seem to lose a little bit of our Christmas Spirit.

Things change, life gets harder, and sometimes we miss the extra Christmas excitement that we once had.

It's true... not everything will stay the same, and while that can be sad, it can also be fun and exciting. While some traditions fade, it leaves an opening for new traditions and memories.

For me, this happened not long after my husband, and I got married. I so used to how my family and I would celebrate Christmas that it took some adjusting to change it up.

After some time I was able to bring back all that excitement of Christmas.... yes, it wasn't the same but, it was just as special in its own new way.

So, if you are feeling a little less excited about Christmas try some of these things to bring back that Christmas Spirit...

- Keep a few of your old traditions: For my family and I, this means family dinners and a select few viewings of classic Christmas movies. Pick some simple traditions that you can keep up and do them to bring back all those old warm and fuzzy feelings.

- Reflect on past Christmases: Don't over think this one too much... you don't want to miss the past too much, but it's always good to reflect on some of your favorite Christmas memories and be filled with thankfulness that you got to experience those.

- Start new traditions: It's always fun to switch things up and start new, fun traditions. It doesn't have to be anything fancy... it could just be a cookie party or if your family is a little more competitive how about an epic gingerbread house build-off?!

- Gratitude: Life happens, and many times things don't go the way we would like them too, so it's always important to be grateful for all things. There is still something to be thankful for, even if it's the small things. Start to pay attention to all the good around you and verbalize (or at least in your head) how thankful you are for all of the blessings.

- Give back to others: Nothing will help you get in the Christmas spirit more than helping others in need. We are so very blessed and have it a lot better than most.... give back to others. Trust me; you will feel the difference.

If you need a little extra Christmas spirit, try these things to help lift your mood. Remember... things change as you grow and that's okay, grow along with it.