Intentional Living / What it is & why you need to start doing it


What exactly is Intentional Living?…. and why do you need to start doing it ASAP?!

The obvious answer is Intentional living is living with intention.But the simple (yet deep) answer is Intention living is living with a plan… and friend, I love a good plan!


Living with intention helps in all areas of your life......

Self Improvement (confidence)

Relationships (marriage, parenting, friendships)

Home life (money, cleaning, all the things)

Time (schedule)


Whats the benefit?

It takes the guessing work out of almost everything….Leaving you less overwhelmed and able to enjoy life more.


And let’s be honest isn’t that what we all want?…to enjoy and love life more?!


Guess what?! It’s totally possible!…. and I’m here to help!


I'm on a mission to help women gain control of their life again, to stop stressing as much & start loving this amazing life!


I totally get it, life can get overwhelming.  Everyday tasks & stresses (and dishes...ugh!) pile up and it leaves us feeling completely overwhelmed & unaccomplished.  It's like we are on an endless cycle of just keeping up with life that we don't have time to even enjoy the beauty around us. 


It’s time to let go of the stress, get off the cycle and start owning our life!


So here's my vision... (I'm a total dreamer type so stick with me here) I want to help you to live with intention...get your life back in order, build your confidence up and embrace this life you've been blessed with.

I'm going to be giving you with the best tips and advice that has helped me over the years to live more intentionally. Buttt.... I also want to create an amazing community so we can help cheer each other on.  Having a good tribe around you helps make life that much sweeter...and we all need a good tribe.


So what do you say?!....

Are you ready to get off the cycle of just keeping up?

Are you ready to build up your confidence and own the amazing person you are?

Are you ready to relax and love life more?


Let's do this my friend!