The game changing tip for your home // Home


Ya’ll know that I love making things simple… simple home, simple schedule, simple in all the areas of life.

So this really shouldn’t have been a big surprise to me… but recently I shared a very simple tip on Instagram and Facebook and it got the best response.  It took by surprise because of how simple the tip was.  Honestly, it’s something that I have been doing for the longest time, so to me it didn’t seem like a big deal.


The tip: 

The 1 thing that I do every night before I go to bed….. *cue suspenseful music*


I make sure the dishes are washed.



Yep that’s right…washing the dishes.

Now I should say that of course there are nights (few, but occasionally) where this doesn’t happen and yes…. It throws off my morning the next day.

So why did this simple tip get such a good response?…..

Because when you get your dishes done before you go to bed…. You aren’t just getting one more thing done that day… You are preparing to start the next day off right.


It’s all about, doing what you can now to save you time, energy and frustration later.


Getting your dishes done before bed, ideally right after dinner, leaves the next morning free, so you can get to all the good stuff.  You don’t have to clean up a bunch of dishes right away to make breakfast or coffee…. You can just jump right into your day…..leaving you feeling way more productive.

Seriously this is a game changer!

I have heard from so many people that they have started using this simple tip and that it really does help them out.

I know that days can get busy, so doing what you can now to save you time later……I’m all about it!


Sometimes even the simplest things can have a great impact. *even if it just means that your coffee pot is good to go first thing in the morning.*