3 easy steps for Self- Improvement

3 east steps for Self-Improvement


You know that I am all for loving your unique self.  But, I also totally get the want to change something about yourself or something about your life. While I’m still a huge advocate on embracing who you are and loving your life…. I am also a huge supporter of growing as a person and changing the things (that are in our control) that don’t make us happy.

So I thought I would share with you 3 easy steps towards self-improvement.  I’m purposely leaving this broad enough, so it can be applied to different areas of your life…because let’s get real for a second, we are all different and we all have different things that we want to improve on.  For you maybe its you’re wanting to start a new hobby. Or maybe you want to declutter more (*cue happy dance*)… or maybe you want to work on your health more.  Whatever it is that you want to improve on these 3 steps will help you get there.

Before I get to these steps I want to take a second to let you know that if there is something that you truly want to improve on in your life, YOU CAN DO IT!  It’s amazing what a couple of simple action steps and a whole lotta will power can do. 


1- Research

Before you set out to reach a new goal or improve in a certain area of your life, you gotta do your research!  Talk to friends, listen to a podcast, read a book, look up some blog posts…heck, Pinterest is a fantastic place to start.  Odds are, if you are wanting to improve something in your life, someone else out there has done the same thing…so do some research and see what kind of information you find.  I bet you’ll end up finding some amazing tips to help you on your new journey.


2- Do what works best for you

No one person is the same!  We all have different strengths and weaknesses, we all have different talents and life circumstances.  What works for one person, may not work best for you, so find what does work best for you and do that!  When you find what works best for you, you will have more fun and when you have more fun, you will enjoy the process more.

*Real talk- Finding what works best for you is a great thing and it truly can help you progress quicker…..but beware because this right here is going to take away all of the excuses.  No more excuses!! Once you find something that works, stick with it!*


3- Spend 15-30 minutes a day working on this goal

Now that you have done your research and you have found what works best for you… YOU MUST TAKE ACTION!  This is where some people might stop because taking action can be hard, sometimes even scary…but if you are really wanting to improve something, you have to be willing to put in the work.  Spend 15-30 minutes a day working on improving. That may not sound like a lot of time right now, but it really does add up.  30 minutes a day = 3 1/2 hours a week x 4 = 14 hours per month!!! 14 hours!!!


So whatever it is that you are wanting to improve on, start now, start small….use these 3 simple tips to get you going and keep at it. 


Oh yeah, one last thing….don’t forget to lean on your tribe when you need support.  You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to and I’ll be right here cheering you on


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