Changing your mindset when you are facing a mess

Changing your mindset when facing a mess


The other week my daughter was rummaging through the laundry basket looking for her favorite pair of shorts (because there's always that one pair of shorts that are better than the rest).  After pulling out every single piece of clothing I told her that she needed to pick up...

While she was sitting in the middle of the mess she had just made, she just looks up at me and says "I can't... it's too much.  I can't do it."

Isn't that how life feels sometimes?

Sometimes we feel like we are sitting in a big messy pile, we are left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and all we can think is "I can't... it's too much!"

I'm sure you feel me on this.  Maybe you are currently facing a mess in your life ... so I'm going to tell you the same thing that I told my little girl.....


"Yes, you can!  Just do 1 thing at a time."

I know that life can feel overwhelming, but YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS.

And if there is a mess in your life that is starting to stress you out try these things to help change your mindset:


Practice Gratitude

It's hard to feel bad when you are too busy being thankful for things in your life.

Give Yourself Grace

We are only human, and we can't do all the things... so cut yourself a break.

Do something that makes you happy

Even if it's something small, do 1 thing a day that makes you happy


Many times it's all in the mindset.  Yes, I know that things can get super stressful, but if you can change your outlook on things and take one step at a time, things get much easier.