3 tips for more balance in your life // Life

When I ask people what are they currently struggling with, almost always the answer is balance.

See life balance is one of those tricky little suckers….. 

We are all convinced that everyone else knows the answer.  We see these other people that seem to have it all together, and then wonder why can’t we figure out our own life.

But in reality having that "Instagram worthy" life balance is a complete LIE!

Truth is, no one has it all together. We all struggle with balancing everything and we all long for more balance in life.

It’s funny because I’m often asked “how do you have time for everything?” “How are you doing so much” …. And my reaction is always “…..well you haven’t seen the amount of dirty clothes that have yet to be washed.” 

In all seriousness though I am the first to admit that I do not have it all together…. But there are a few things that have helped me find just a little bit more balance in life.


3 tips for more balance in your life


Stay true to your values

Staying true to your values is a huge way to be more balanced, simply because staying true to your values help you make your decisions that are truly important to you.  

We try to do everything and still end up taking more and more, leaving us exhausted and overwhelmed….convincing ourselves that it is a never ending cycle.  Y’all…. It’s okay to say no to things, especially things that can bring on extra stress in your life.  Know your values and let them guide you.  Only do the things that are truly important and align with your values.


Live with intention

When you decide that something is really important to you, be sure that you do those things with intention.  If you choose to take a break from work to take your kids out for a date at the local bakery….allow yourself to be fully present and enjoy those precious moments with your little ones.  If you are a work at home mom and decide to have set work hours while your kids play in the room next door, allow yourself to work and not feel guilty about it.  When you start to live with intention, you become more focused and then you don’t feel bad about working, or taking those breaks when you need to.


Show yourself lots of grace

Be sure to show yourself lots and lots of grace.  We can’t possibly do everything without letting go of something.  Just do your best and show yourself lots of grace.  There will be times where you fall short and that is okay, you are only human, but give yourself the grace to know that you tried and that you will learn and move forward.


We all want to have more balance in our lives, but it takes work.  We have to admit to ourselves that we can’t do everything and that is okay.  

We must let go of this idea of full life balance and learn to take little steps to help us along the way.

Stay true to your values

Live with Intention

And be sure to show yourself lots of grace.


Life is too lovely to stress it away, just do the best you can and enjoy life.