Top 5 ways to make a House a Home

Throughout the years, my husband and I have moved around a good bit.  It's not easy to pick up and move into a new place, but it certainly makes it easier to settle in more once you make a new house your home.

Your home should be your getaway from everyday stresses.  It should be your place that you can go to relax and refocus. 

I'll be honest......I'm no interior designer (Oh how I wish I had those skills....maybe if I watch enough "Fixer Upper" it will rub off on me?!) but....I have moved enough to know how to make a house a home.

Here are the top 5 ways to make your House a Home

1) Clean out

Your home should be a relaxing space....and it's been proven time and time again that more things does Not equal more happiness.  It's surprising how much more free you feel when you clean house a little and get rid of things that you no longer use.  This doesn't mean that you have to throw away everything... give it to those who need it.  It will feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of you.  You have less things to keep up with, you have more space in your home and people who need those things will put them to good use.

2) Organize

Once you clean out a little bit, it's great to get more organized.  Now... I'm not one of those who has everything color coated or labeled (but hey, if that's your thing go for it) but everything should have a place.  When things are organized then you know where everything is at (or at least a general idea) and where things go.  Added bonus to this.... saves time looking for things. 

3) Add personal touches

This is one of my favorites to making a house a home.  We have moved around a good bit since my husband and I got married, and it always feel more like home once I add some personal touches.  Keep things around that have meaning to you....things that have a  story behind it.  These personal touches will not only make you feel good but it will bring in some great memories into your home.

4) Value the people that come into your home

Blame is on my southern roots or just the way my mama raised me, but you should always make everyone that you invite into your home feel welcomed.  I always love for people who come into my home to feel at home themselves.  To do this, simply value the people that come into your home.  Think about it....have you ever been into someone's house and there were things laying out that couldn't be touched or they were highly cautious of people (mainly when there are kids) around certain things? I know I have, and it doesn't feel very welcoming at all.... in fact it puts you on edge and then you can't relax.  

Now I understand that you don't want any of your things broken or anything, but people aren't out to break your things.....even kids aren't out to do that, but sometimes accidents happen. If you have something out that you don't want messed with (especially when children are there) simple put it away.

People should always be valued over things. 

5) Love & Laughter

Home isn't really a place but more of a feeling.  The people, the memories, the love & laughter......that's what truly makes a house a home. 


Less House, More Home