Davy Candle Co // Small Business

I love small businesses!! Seeing the passion that small business owners have always inspires me.  I have so much respect for those who take their passion to the next level and decide to live their dream.

Recently some of my friends started their own small business that I couldn't be more excited about....

Davy Candle Co is a wonderful new San Diego based candle company.  All the candles are hand poured using natural US-grow soy wax. 

Their scents include:


Endless Summer - Orange, Vanilla & Pine

Hello Sunshine - Lemon Blossom, Orange & Vanilla

Beach Bum - Coconut & Citrus

Backwoods - Tobacco & Vanilla

Sunday Morning - Buttery Maple Syrup & Bacon

I have to say that I absolutely love candles, but many times I feel like the scent can get overwhelming, so I was very excited when Josh and Kalie started their business.  I recently purchased both the Beach Bum and Endless Summer scent. I have been so happy with these candles! The scents are amazing blends and not overwhelming at all.  I'm also very excited that soon they will be offering wax melts as well!

I am honored to say that Josh & Kalie, have quickly become good friends of mine.  We met through Youtube and instantly got along.  I am so excited for them in their new business venture. I see big things happening for Davy Candle Co

If you would like to get a Davy Candle for yourself check out all they have to offer at: