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Don't let fear hold you back // Self Reflection


Don't let fear hold you back // Self Reflection

Christy Haygood


Have you ever wanted to do or try something, but have talked yourself out of it?

Of course you have... we all have. 

What really stopped you?

For most of us, it's fear.

We fear that we will fail or that we are not good enough or that we are not qualified.


A slightly embarrassing and humorous fact about me is that I am terrified of yellow eels.

I know.... completely random.

I mean honestly.... who really like those yellow eels anyway?!

Here's the thing.... I love going to aquariums!.... And if I get the chance to go to Sea World, you better believe that I am going to go.

Now, I know that going to these places there is a good chance that there is a creepy, yellow/greenish eel lurking around somewhere, but I don't let my fear of them stop me from enjoying everything else.


Think about something that you are scared of.......

Most everything that we are scared of isn't even rational. It may be something ridiculous like yellow eels, or it may be something that could possible happen...... notice the word may not even happen!

Think about all the times you let fear hold you back.

Now think about what could have been if you went for it anyway.

Now, I'm not saying to go and do something dangerous....we all have common sense (well at least most of us) we need to use it.

I'm just saying that letting fear always hold you back can lead to missing out on some great things.

I know that fear can be powerful, but doing something we want to do despite the fear can be such a beautiful thing!

Don't let fear hold you back.