How to find more time in your day to get things done

How to find more time in your day


Maybe you're the type that feels like there are a million things to do all the time, and just the thought of trying to do more starts to raise your blood pressure.


maybe you are the type of person that feels like you are just keeping your head above water, while other people seem to balance everything so effortlessly.


If only there was more time........


I hear so many times that there is just not enough hours in the day to do everything, but what I think the biggest problem is... there's not enough time in the day to FINISH everything that we want to do.  (*hint: can't all be done in a day people*)

This is our downfall.

We put so much on ourselves, that we get frustrated when we can't do & complete everything that we want to get done.


Have you heard the saying, "You have the same 24 hours that Beyonce does?" you hate this saying as much as I do?!


While it may be true....most of us don't have the assistants, babysitters, managers, makeup artist, stylist and everything else that Beyonce probably has.


And guess what.....Beyonce doesn't complete everything in 1 day either. 


So how do we find more time during our days to work on the things we want to work on?!

Here are a few tips that have helped me gain control of my time, leaving me feeling more balanced (and slightly more super-momish). 


  • Get to the important things & forget the rest
    • The first step, is figuring out what is truly important to you.  Now, this can change over time...heck, it can change depending on the day.  Write down & prioritize the most important tasks for the week or day and stick to it.  These are things that are non-negotiable, set it in stone. Good news for this.....This is full permission to avoid laundry for now….  Just saying... it ain't going anywhere, it will still be there after you take care of the important things. 


  • Get rid of distractions
    • It's amazing how much time is wasted on distractions.  Find out what it is that distracts you most and find a way to stop it from happening.  For me (and probably most others) the phone is a huge distraction.  If I am sitting down to work and all of the sudden a text comes through, I want to pick up my phone right away.  But.... because I know this is a distraction for me, I take measures to stop it from grabbing my attention.  I turn off notifications, I set it to silent and even flip it upside down so I can't see any texts coming through.  Whatever your distraction is, find a way to stop it from being a distraction so you can claim back some extra time. 


  • Time block
    • Time blocking has been a huge time saver for me.  It's my secret weapon to feeling super-momish.  I time block my work hours, homeschool and even leisurely reading (yep, I'm a nerd).  With time blocking, I'm able to really focus on those important things on my to-do list.  I give myself a set amount of time to work on whatever I need to get to for that day and once my time is up I stop.  Another great thing about time blocking is it forces me to take breaks, which helps me to step back, clear my mind from the task and gives me more focus when I pick it back up again.
      • I know this is a tough one for all my perfectionist out there, but think about it this way….  Think about when you were in school and you had different classes, or periods like they were called in my school (I never understood that).  You learned and worked on a certain subject for a set amount of time.... then once that bell would ring, you were out of there and onto the next class.  Basically the same concept.  You don't have to finish everything all in one sitting… in fact, most the time it’s better not to do that, so block out your time & cut yourself a break.


I get it.... most days it feels like there are never enough hours to check off all those to-dos.  Just follow these simple steps to owning back your time and you will start to feel like you found some extra time in your day to get some stuff done. 


Oh yeah.... and at the end of the day, don't forget to let yourself rest..... even Beyonce needs relaxation & sleep.