Having an Intentional Marriage

Having an Intentional Marriage

I’m all about intentional living and it's a pretty popular topic right now, but something often gets overlooked….

Living with intention doesn’t stop with just you.

If you really want to live with intention you must be intentional in other areas of your life.

So, let's talk about marriage because let's be honest when you are living life with someone else.... you gotta be intentional and determined to make it work...TOGETHER!

We all know that marriage is not easy.... heck, ask any married couple who seem to have the "ideal marriage," they will be the first to let you know that it is hard work.

Side note..... Hard work doesn't mean impossible!

To make any relationship work and last, both people have to be willing to put in the work, but to make a strong relationship, you both have to get intentional about it too.

So how can you and your other half do this?!

Well, first remember that you are both still 2 different people coming together to do life together. Together is the key!

- Dream & grow together

Sit down and talk about where ya'll are in life now and where ya'll both want to go. This is going to help you both grow together, be each other's support system. Not to mention.... it's just fun! One of mine and my husband's favorite thing to do is to have a Saturday morning coffee/planning date. We get up a little early, sip on some coffee and chat about all the dreams we have and how we can make them a reality.

- Get on the same page

This can be a tough one sometimes, but as much as possible get on the same page. This is going to help out so much, especially with the big things like faith, family, finances etc. Now, I'm not saying that it can't work if you aren't on the same page.... I'm just saying that it makes things way easier if ya'll are on the same page and working together.

Marriage is a wonderful thing, but it can be tough taking 2 different people and have them doing life together.

Get intentional with your marriage, dream and grow TOGETHER.