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Hard at Work // Photo Challenge


Hard at Work // Photo Challenge

Christy Haygood

I have decided to step out of my comfort zone.  I firmly believe that to better yourself as a person...and to better your skills, you must challenge yourself.  This is exactly why I have made a decision to take on different photo challenges.  Not only will it be fun, but maybe.....just maybe....I'll learn something new! ;)

This Photo Challenge by I Heart Faces is themed.... Hard at Work. 

I gotta say, I was at a loss on what kind of photo to choose for this challenge, considering that most of my photography consists of landscapes and couples in love.....but then I remembered a shot that I got of my sweet little one, doing one of her favorite activities.....painting!

For my daughter, it's like painting is her age 2.  

She is always wanting to paint....and when this rambunctious little toddler gets a paint brush in her's like everything else disappears and it's just her and her artwork.  

Hard at work........creating her masterpiece.