Simple steps to getting your home in order

Simple steps to getting your house in order

It seems like most have hopped on or at least have heard of this whole decluttering fad going on right now...

Everyone knows someone who is Marie Kondo-ing their life.

I'm not knocking it, because I truly believe that decluttering your space can help you live a happier life.


Because when you clean out the space around you, it allows you to ditch a bunch of distractions and focus on the things that matter most.

It gives you more head space to focus plus.... less cleaning later. Win Win right?!

When you clean out your space you have less taking up your time, space & attention so you can live, relax and connect more.

Sounds pretty amazing right? That's because it is!!

Now, if you are like many and have heard or seen the Marie Kondo method, then you might be 1 of 2 types of people.

1) You are all for it and all in.


2) You think it sounds great but overwhelming.

I think her methods are fantastic plus she seems like such a sweetheart doesn't she, but... I'm a little more simple, let's get straight to the point kind of gal myself. So, when I want to get something done, I like to have a simple & clear plan.

So here are some of my practical tips to decluttering your home:

(remember: this is important because we need to cut the clutter to focus on the important things in life. Time to get intentional about life so you can move forward towards a life you are absolutely in love with.)

- Break it up

Tackle 1 room at a time. Break that room up into sections and declutter 1 section at a time. This takes the overwhelming task of decluttering everything and making it way more manageable with little tasks. Remember... this is a process. Give yourself grace and do a little bit each day. If you get off track.... it's okay, keep moving forward.

- Have 3 piles

While you are going through your sections, create 3 piles:



& Toss

This is going to simplify the process and keep you organized along the way.

- Decisions made easier

One of the first issues that people run into is "how do I know what to keep?" My general rule of thumb is that: If you haven't used, thought of or worn it in the past 6 months consider getting rid of it. Now... unless something is super sentimental to you, it shouldn't take you a ton of time to dwell on. Ask yourself "If I get rid of it... what will happen? How will I feel?" Most the time you'll find that you wouldn't really care at all.

Don't overthink this process... Unless you know or think that you will use it soon then go ahead and get rid of it. Let's face it... you are never going to read (or re-read) all of those books and I honestly think that your great grandma would probably rather you give that china to someone else who would actually use and enjoy it, instead of it collecting dust.

Remember, cleaning out isn't for keeping up with this whole "minimalist/tidying up" trend- It's about taking hold of your life, letting go of the things that take up space or drain you and making sure your area is full of things, people & connections that are more life-giving.

This is a small and beginner step to living a more joyful life. Learning to be content with what you have, realizing that you are blessed beyond your means, giving to those who are in need, & giving yourself a peaceful, restful place to live, connect and re-energize.