Struggles // Real Life

Let’s talk about struggles for a little bit.

We all deal with different struggles.  Some struggles people may know about and some struggle are more internal things that we try to work through ourselves (although that never really helps).  

I totally get it…. as a mom there are so many things on our plate that we are trying to handle, that it all really becomes so overwhelming…. and if you are like me a lot of times you don’t want to talk about it to many people in fear that it might make you look weak or something. 

But friend, I’m here to tell you that talking about struggles does not make you weak, it makes you real. 

Letting go of this “I have it all figured out” persona that many try to play, can be a huge relief.  Truth is, none of us have it all figured out, we are all just doing the best that we can.

But talking about our struggles can help so much! 

Me for instance, I’ve been struggling to figure out my talents and how I can use them to help others.  I have opened up to close friends and family and it helped a great deal.  They gave me advice and many times pointed out things that I couldn’t see myself. And guess what?… I felt much better afterwards.

So friend tell me…. what is something that you are struggling with?

I would love to try and help you or at least be a good listening ear and give you some encouragement.

Leave me a comment below to message me on social media and let me know. 

We all go through struggles in life but when you have others encouraging you along the way it makes things much easier.