The struggles of being an introverted mom

struggles of an introverted mom

Does an evening at home, curled up with a blanket, reading a good book or browsing Pinterest, sipping on coffee, listening to a light rain outside sound like an amazing night?!

If so... I FEEL YOU!!!

And.... you are probably also an introverted mama.

I too enjoy the simple things in life and better yet if those simple things are enjoyed in silence... Even better!!!

Which as we all know, rarely happens in a house full of littles.

Don't get me wrong; I love listening to my little ones play, sing and laugh together. I love it when they need their mama (and hopefully they will always need me to a certain extent). I love all the snuggles I can get...

.....but I also really love my space.

For some reason, us mamas are made to feel ashamed if we need to take some time for ourselves. Or if we just don't want to be touched for a little bit, somehow we are left feeling guilty (sorry to all husbands out there).

We'll get the comments "enjoy it now," "they grow so fast..." and while we all know those are well-meaning, it still doesn't take the guilt that comes when a mom just needs a little space for just a little bit.

I love my girls, but I also love my sanity and for everyone's sake in the home... MAMA NEEDS HER SANITY!

Being an introverted mama brings up some unique challenges:

We care deeply about those around us, so deeply that we hurt when others hurt. We will put other's needs in front of ours because we want to take care of those we love.....and because of this, we burn out quickly.

The ironic thing about introverts is that we do love people and care for them, but many times that can drain us physically, mentally and emotionally.

I honestly used to feel guilty when my husband would come home from work to a hectic (but still uncluttered) house, and I would say "I need space." I did the mom walk of shame over to the pantry, grabbed the pretzels & Nutella, sighed sorry and quickly made my way upstairs to the bedroom for a quick break.

Luckily I have a super awesome husband that has never once made me feel guilty for this and even tells me to stop saying sorry. He truly is my partner through life and when I feel that drained he is more than willing to "take one for the team."

To my fellow introverted mamas.....

I know it's hard not to feel guilty.

I know it's hard when you are completely drained, but mama bear is always on call.

I know that while you love and soak up all the snuggles that you can possibly get, sometimes you just feel like you need a little space.

It's okay to take that break when you need it.

I know that you love your babies and that you care so much about them and do so much for them. No one should ever make you feel less than or guilty if you need your own pretzels & Nutella time.

Besides taking time for myself, just knowing that I'm not the only mama that struggles has helped me feel less guilty. I recently got to read the book "Introverted Mom" by Jamie, and I could not stop nodding in agreement. It's available for pre-order now & Mother's day is just around the corner... I'm just saying; it's a nice gift for yourself (or just conveniently leave a "gift ideas" list out on the counter where you hubby is sure to see it... should work like a charm). This book not only gives you great ideas on how to help juggle being a mom and an introvert but more than anything it gives you the peace of mind that you are not alone and you are in fact an awesome mom.

I highly recommend reading "Introverted mom" but if you are not a book person (then, maybe you aren't an introvert after all... totally kidding, but really books are amazing)......

Here are some of my not so secret ways to recharge so you can keep your sanity and be at your best to take care of those little babes.....

- Naptime/ Quiet Time

- Wake up early & enjoy some coffee

- Journal your thoughts

- Have a scheduled reading time

- Get a workout in

- Let your kid have independent play time

- Get outside

- Put in headphone and listen to a song or two

- Schedule a mom date out with a friend

- Get in devotional time

- Have a good bedtime for the littles so you can unwind in the evening

- Chat with a friend (thank you Marco Polo!)

- Pick up a hobby

- Browse Pinterest for a little bit

- Keep a secret stash of Pretzels and Nutella handy