Am I liked?!

Social Media is everywhere these days! Not that it's all a bad thing, but it can quickly turn that way if you allow it. 

The problem with social media isn't really social media itself, but how we let social media control our lives.  

Many of us start to let social media consume us, obsessed with being "liked" by others. 

We get so caught up in the numbers.......

How many followers do I have?

How many likes did this picture get?

Did anyone retweet my genius thought?!

It can quickly take over our thoughts and becomes an unrealistic measure of our worth.

I recently discovered Essena O'Neill....She was what they say "internet famous",  a social media star.

Recently Essena quit social media....why?!.....because it started to take over her life. Obsessed with being perfect online, she was missing out on real life. So......she decided to quit and become a game changer.  

I gotta say.....I am very impressed by this young women.  She is taking a stand and is determined to make the world a better place, be present in her life and not worry about how much she is being "liked" by others.  

We can all learn from Essena! Not that we all have to quit social media, but we need to stop letting it consume us.  Be present in the wonderful life we have and know that our worth is measured way more than numbers.