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Jenn + Jimmy - Couple Photoshoot

Laughter is good for the soul! 

Jenn & Jimmy are one of the most adorable and fun loving couples that I have ever met.  I am honored to call these two my friends.  They both love to laugh, have fun, play board games and eat tasty food (as a fellow foodie, it's no wonder I like them so much.)

I must say that these two made my job so easy! I absolutely loved this fun and easy going shoot. 

There was lots of laughter. 

Lots of Love.

.........and of course we all enjoy some delicious food after the photoshoot (Huge thanks to my wonderful hubby for fixing some great fried chicken.)

Jenn & Jimmy.... You two are such wonderful people both individually and as a couple.  Keep up all the laughter and's what fills life with joy.