Don't want a boring life? Read this now....

Don't want a boring life?

I had my first mom's night out in a long time!

Now, before you go thinking my fellow mama friends and I stayed out super late, drinking and dancing the night away.....

You're right!... kind of.

We were home by 11 pm, all we drank was water (gotta stay hydrated), and we were dancing to the awesome music of "For King and Country" at their concert.

It may not be the mom's night out that you had in mind, but it was just the kind of night out I enjoy.

Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to do. Of course, like most kids, I would daydream about how awesome it would be to tour the world, playing shows, yet able to live a "normal" life when going back home. Even to this day, anytime I go to a concert I can't help thinking how awesome that must be. I'm sure it comes with its own set of problems, but it still just seems so amazing.

But, there's a small problem... I don't see myself as a musically talented person...seriously that gene just skipped me. But yet I still think about how amazing it must be to be able to travel, share your gift and bring others joy.

Our mom’s night out was a great one but It was back to my reality the next morning….. dishes, homeschool, kids bickering…not quite the “rockstar life” but it’s my life.

I don't know about you, but I never expected for my life to look like it currently looks now. I honestly don't know what I expected my life to look like, but this certainly wasn't it. Don't get me wrong... I love my “simple life”, but I never thought I would be a military spouse and a homeschool mom. I never longed for being left to keep the home fires burning for months at a time, not knowing where our next "home" would be, getting completely out of my comfort zone in all types of ways and looking forward to the next mama’s night out… whenever that will be.

Maybe you feel the same way...

Maybe you feel like you are living a simple life, not really "living to the fullest" or making an impact.

Here’s the crazy thing.....

No matter how "simple" your life may seem...

YOUR Life Is NOT Boring.

It is Meaningful and Impactful.

God is amazing!!.. and he has blessed every one of us with natural talents, gifts, quirks, and stories that make us unique and different than anyone else in this world... and that is far from boring.

Sure maybe you're not touring the world, but you can still use your gifts and talents to bring joy to others and be a shining light in this world.

Maybe your gift is writing or songwriting (like my sister)

Perhaps you are a fantastic teacher

Maybe your talent is behind a camera capturing those moments that others don't see as easily

Maybe you are a stay at home mama raising your beautiful babies, shaping them into awesome little individuals.

Maybe you have a gift to connect and relate to others

or perhaps you are a great listener (the world needs more like you)

All of our gifts look a little different. Combine that with our own personalities and unique stories…well, honey that ain’t a single one out there that is quite like you.

Our natural God given talents and gifts are there (that the beautiful thing about a gift right?’s freely given!).. we just have to notice it and USE THEM! And if we are using them as much as we can to help as many as we can..... well, I would say that’s a pretty exciting life.

How will you choose to use your talents & leave the “boring" life” behind?