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Writer's block


Writer's block

Christy Haygood

I'll be honest, sometimes it's hard for me to know what to blog about.  Of course I would love to always put out super great posts for everyone to read, but many times writer's block shows it's lovely face and I'm left to stand there staring blankly at an empty computer screen.  

So here it blog post to all those fellow writers that have been met with the same delima.  

Writer's block...... Go ahead and build your ugly wall. Try to keep us from our word creativity  (or lack there of in my case).  You irritate us to no end....because as creatives when we want to put something out there and say something, we want to say it now! 

The wall you build might seem indestructible at times, but guess what!....We are creative so we will find a way around you whether we have to climb, tear down or in this case just simply start writing about anything ........

even if it's about writer's block.