Your self worth is NOT dependent in others

Your worth is not dependent on others

You know those people that you are kind of friends with, but then you lose touch over the years?....

That was this guy for me. Let's call this guy Jake...totally not his real name, but for easier storytelling, we will call him Jake.

Well, Jake and I grew up around each other. We were sort of friends, but we didn't hang out or anything, just would chat at school sometimes. Over the years like many do, we found our own separate group of friends and didn't really talk much anymore.

Well one day out of nowhere, Jake started talking to me again. I thought it was nice of him to want to catch up and then he made his true intentions known.....

"You're friends with (we'll call her Jen) aren't you?"

Me: "Yeah...."

Jake: "Cool... Could you put in a good word for me?... She's so hot!"

Now, you can only imagine the look on my face when he asked me this. And I'll let you go ahead and picture his face as I promptly told him "no because she's my friend and I look out for my friends."

It's not like I was interested in him or anything... In fact, I had my eyes set on another guy who I'm now lucky enough to call my husband now. But the fact that I thought he was being nice and wanted to catch up, to then find out that he was trying to use my relationship with someone else for his benefit?!... well it was downright irritating.

Thank goodness for the fierce, stubborn gene in me because if it wasn't for me being sure of myself, my values and my worth... That conversation could have gotten me down.

I'm sure you can relate to this on some level.

Maybe someone has said something about your weight or your hair.... Perhaps you've had a friend be unkind to fit in with the "popular" crowd.... or maybe you've had someone believe something about you that was completely untrue.

How many times have we had harsh words said to us?

Too many to count for me

How many times have someone's actions hurt us?

You always remember the way they made you feel right?

People can be so hurtful sometimes. And it's not a matter of if, but rather when more harsh words or actions will come your way.


Your self worth should never be dependent on what others say, do or think.

So how can we get to the point where these harsh words and actions don't get to us as much?

You work on you! You have to work on building up your, so you are without a doubt sure of who you really are on the inside.

When people come at you with negativity, you need to be able to stand firm and not wavier because ultimately you know who you are and you can't be knocked down by other people's insecurities.

Listen, It will take a lot to knock you down what you are truly good with who you are.

But you have to be good with you. So work on building up confidence in yourself.

I'm talking true confidence.... not the kind that people think they have because they are okay with the way they look.

I'm talking you work from the inside out. You are kind, thankful, humble, know your values, and your actions match your words & beliefs.

Know your values.

Be kind.

Stand strong in who you are.