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Home for Home

Some dear friends of mine, Josh & Susan Fowler recently brought home their son. They first saw him through Reece’s rainbow, an amazing organization that help children with special needs find their home.  

After learning about Reece’s Rainbow through watching Josh & Susan’s journey I found myself looking at these precious babies that need a home.  One day I came across this one little boy that tugged at my heart strings. 

His name is Levi and he desperately needs a family.  This sweet little boy needs a home to call his own. 

While I know that my family (at the moment) is not in a place to adopt a child…. I couldn’t stop think about sweet little Levi…. even now I think of him pretty often.  

It was breaking my heart knowing that I could’t do much for him….  But then I reminded myself, even the smallest of actions can make a big difference.  This is ultimately what lead me to make a change and help out.  I may not be able to do a lot for little Levi, but I can certainly help out as much as I can.

So not only will you be filling your home with simple, lovely prints, you will be helping Levi find his very own home.


30% of profit made from each sale will be going straight to Levi’s adoption fund.  

Home for Home

Prints of your homes, helping to find his home.

If you would like to learn more about Levi, Please contact me so I can get you the information you need to learn more.