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Prints for a Purpose

Prints for a Purpose


Providing for others:
I know some people may look at a picture and just think…. "oh pretty” but, I truly think that there is more meaning behind a picture than most people see.  I think that a photograph can remind people of their past experiences as well as their hopes and dreams for the future I also believe that your home should be a relaxing retreat...a place where you can go to rest, recharge and refocus.  This is why part of my mission is to help others be able to design their own relaxing space by providing simple reminders for your home.  Whether it’s photographs of places that you love, or a print that keeps you focused and motivated…. it’s the simplest things that can keep you relaxed and focused. 

Giving to others: 
 While I want to help others create a relaxing space in their own home…. I’ve still always had this desire to do more, to help more.  So, I am so excited to announce that with every purchase  30% of the profits made from each sale will be going to a little boy named Levi.  Levi is a little boy who desperately needs a family.  30% of profits made will be going towards Levi's adoption fund.

If adoption is on your heart, please contact me so I can let you know how to inquire more about sweet Levi.  

*You will be able to find our more about which charities the money is going to in the product descriptions.  I will also be sharing more information of the different charities through posts and these emails.*