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Hey Friend! My name is Christy.  I am a wife, mom, lover of photography, music & all things coffee.

I was born and raised in a small mountain town in North Carolina.  Thanks to my family and those beautiful smoky moutnains, I was raised enjoying the outdoors and the more simple things in life. 

After marrying my amazing husband my world completely changed! I become a military wife...moved away from everything I knew and entered into the world full of stress and unknowns.

There has been many tough times that we have faced as a military family, but there have also been a lot of valuable things I have learned over the years.  

It's my turn to help others.......


My mission is to help other women live with intention... to stop stressing as much and to start loving their awesome life! 

I totally get it....it's not always easy to relax, especially when faced with everyday stresses that come our way, but I truly believe that we are STRONGER than we think and WE CAN DO GREAT THINGS.

Plus......life is too awesome to just stress it away.