2 things that can drastically make your life easier


Life is tough sometimes. Some things that happen are completely out of our control, and other things that make life tough are things that we’ve brought on ourselves. 

It seems like life gets more complicated and messier the older we get. Gone are days when our biggest decision was what we were going to have for lunch…. All of our belongings could fit in 1 small room and our schedules were basically laid out for us. 

Yes, life can get messy and it can get super complicated….if we let it. But there’s good news….

You can drastically make your life easier and it might be more simple than you think.

Here are 2 things that you can do that can drastically make your life easier:


  • Declutter your things
    • You know that saying “you become who you surround yourself with”…… When you surround yourself with certain people their mannerism/attitude, heck even sometimes their accent starts to rub off on you. I also believe the same is true with what you surround yourself with. If you are surrounded by a cluttered mess, guess what?!…you are probably going to be a mess too. Your thoughts will be cluttered, you won’t be able to focus as well and you will feel completely consumed with stuff. But, the moment you declutter your surroundings, you will start to notice that you feel more free, lighter and able to focus more.


  • Learn to say no
    • This one is a huge game changer! Let me go ahead and say this…. No is not a bad word. "No" is not something to be ashamed of. When you learn to start saying no to the things that don’t truly matter, you aren’t being mean or anything, you are simply protecting your time. Time is very precious and it should be protected. Figure out the things that truly matter to you and start saying no to all the rest.


These 2 things can drastically make your life easier once you start putting them into action. Your life is worth enjoying to the fullest…. But you must uncomplicate it. 

Yes, there will still be some messy moments along the way, but if you keep these two things in mind it will make things far easier.