3 Step to Simplifying your Home

3 steps to simplifying your home


Home is your space to get away from it all, relax and regroup.


But, sadly many people find it hard to truly relax in their own home.  I am fully convinced that this comes from the amount of clutter that fills most homes.


I know, I have felt a direct link between clutter and feeling anxious.


When there is clutter, there are distractions.


It takes up a lot of attention and mind space..... a lot of energy that could be spent towards something else.


Think about it…..when you are staring at a mess in front of you, it's hard to know where to even begin cleaning up.  But if you take small action steps each day, soon the clutter will be gone and your home will be your own relaxing getaway.



Here are 3 simple steps to simplifying your home now:



  • Only keep things that you use
    • This is the biggest step you can take towards cleaning up your home... Only keep the things that you use.  While doing this I want you to be honest with yourself.  Listen….you’re not fooling anyone, I know that you don't use everything in your home……we do Not need 50 different pens and pencils (you know it’s true).  Start going through 1 room at a time and clean out the things that you haven't used or worn in the past 6 months-1 year.


  • Utilize storage
    • This is my favorite tip towards a simple home…. Utilize any storage that you can.  Of course, there are the givens like drawers, closets, and dressers, but there are other storage like baskets (my personal favorite), racks and more.  These can help you have a designated place for things, leaving it easier to clean things up and cutting the clutter out.


  • Skip on the knick-knacks
    • Nothing adds to clutter quite like knick-knacks.  Now, I know that some would argue that it's decoration, but come on now.... nobody needs tiny porcelain figurines sitting out just taking up space and collecting dust.  Try to stick with more simple (less breakable) decor.  You might be surprised at how refreshed your home will feel when you put away all the little extras that are laying around.


Your home should be your own little getaway….So, let’s make it the most relaxing space possible.


simplifying your home in 3 steps