Minimalism: What it is & why it can improve your life


When you hear the word minimalism, what do you think of?


You might think that the idea of it sounds both amazing and overwhelming at the same time.


Maybe, like many people, you think that minimalism is only keeping the bare essentials.


But, that's not really what minimalism is.... at least not to me.


To me, minimalism is all about purpose and joy.  


Yes, it involves getting rid of things, but not everything.
Simply put, minimalism is keeping things that bring you joy or serves a purpose and letting go of the rest.


Of course, this looks a little different for everyone.  For example.... For me, I love coffee mugs! Yes, I have more coffee mugs than I need... but, when we have company over I love sipping on some coffee while we catch up.  So, do I have more coffee mugs than I need on a daily basis?...absolutely...but, it serves a purpose.


Same with candles, I love having candles in the house.... do I need them? No!.... but I love the relaxing smells of apple cider or pumpkin cinnamon... it brings me joy.


This is exactly why minimalism can improve your life.  It's all about surrounding yourself with the things that bring you joy or serve a purpose and learning to let go of the rest.  Better yet, minimalism doesn't only apply to your home..... once you start living a more minialistic lifestyle, it spills into other areas of your life.

Leaving you with less to keep up with, less stressed and bringing more happiness into your life.


Less really is so much more.  Fewer things, less clutter.... more freedom, more joy.