Our first getaway......

First getaway

Just the other week my husband and I went on our first little getaway since having kids.... over six years ago!

Now, you might be thinking, why would y'all wait that long?

.... dating your spouse & going on little getaways should be a priority

Honestly, I don't disagree, However... that just wasn't our reality for a while. There was really no other reason than the simple fact that we just never really had the opportunity to take a getaway until now.

It's not always the easiest thing, seeing other parents who can go on weekly or monthly dates. I hear them say “this is essential...you need to make dates a priority...” but for some of us it’s just not reality.

See, we don’t live near family, we can’t just take them over to the grandparent's house for the day, night, or weekend. We can’t call on family when we need to run errands or when we just need a little break.

Yes, there is the option of babysitters, but that adds up. Paying the babysitter plus the date out?.... let's face we have to be pretty budget conscience on a military paycheck.

For us, our reality is getting date nights whenever we can... which tends to be few & far between. Instead, we depend on good bedtime so we can have a date night in now and then... and that's okay. In fact, I really enjoy our date nights in.... sushi, dessert, and a movie sounds pretty amazing to me.

Although our trip was short (2 nights), it was way overdue and much needed. It gave us a chance to slow down a little, enjoy the things we love doing (without little one getting bored or needing breaks) and a chance to reconnect a little.


I'm not sure when our next getaway will be let alone our next date, but this is just our reality right now....but we also know that it won’t always be like this. For now, we will soak in the special dates when we can... but seriously the next needs to be sooner than six years away.